In The Media

  • Financial Express News! “Making Medical Implants Hacker-safe”ext
  • Indian Science Journal News! “Inspired by ancient wisdom, Indian scientist develops anti-hacking solution for implanted devices”Capture2
  • EverythingRF News! “Horn, OK Please” to “Talk, OK Please”: The Road to Self-Driving Cars.

Capture2        Capture2Capture2

  • Microwave Journal News! “Research Team Mimics Human Brain to Make IoT Devices More Secure”










  • Featured on TedX, Qatar 2017 held by Tedxaldafnaed, Qatar on the topic, “Cross-Field Research Balances Work between Theoretical Sciences for the Development of Practical Tools”, 2017.                    Image result for heena rathore tedx twitter
  • In News: Here and Here! Inspired by biology, IIT researcher develops solution for cyber security

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