About Me


Hi folks! I work as a Data Scientist and Program Manager at Hiller Measurements, USA. I am also the lead Data Scientist behind Sales Prophet, which is a sibling branch of Hiller Measurements.

Previously, I was working as a post-doctorate researcher on US-Qatar Joint Collaborative Project on “Wireless Medical Device Security”. The project was a joint research between Temple University (USA), University of Idaho (USA) and Qatar University (Qatar).

I also worked as a visiting researcher at Wichita State University, Kansas, USA.

My research is broadly in the area of distributed, intelligent systems, especially focusing on Security!

Recent News: in Media!

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  • Microwave Journal News! “Research Team Mimics Human Brain to Make IoT Devices More Secure”
  • Approved O1 visa (Extraordinary capability)!
  • Featured on Tedx, Qatar
  • In News: Here and Here! Inspired by biology, IIT researcher develops solution for cyber security
  • Innocations in Graphical System Design

Research interests:

  • Deep Learning,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Wireless Networks,
  • Security and Privacy,
  • Distributed Systems,
  • Biologically inspired computing.
  • Complex Networks,
  • Software Defined Networking,
  • Internet of Things.


I was a Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur, India. My Ph.D. dissertation revolved around “Improving Security in Wireless Sensor Network through Bio-Inspired Approaches” in Computer Science and Engineering. My research area is interdisciplinary in nature which combines ideas from machine learning, psychology, biology and sensor networks. I have developed solutions for the detection and removal of fraudulent nodes in sensor networks based on ideas borrowed from the above-mentioned fields.

I received my bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering from College of Technology and Engineering in 2010 with Honors. Academically, I worked as Assistant Professor for computer science department with SS College of Engineering. Professionally, I have also worked as Design Executive with Phosphate India Private Limited, India. I have been the winner of Graphical System Design Achievement Awards, held by National Instruments in 2013.